Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Keep it Simple !

I was recently engaged in a huge messaging upgrade project and here are the lessons learned:


  1. Think service; when you design a messaging environment don’t let the technology geek in you take over & always think from a service point of view,
  2. Envisioning and planning are the most important steps in any successful project, always take your time to envision and plan and don’t rush things up, the more you invest in these two areas the more likely you will have a successful project,
  3. High availability is an end to end and not a product oriented, make sure the your messaging dependencies are all high available,
  4. Capacity planning , capacity planning , capacity planning,
  5. As Einstein once said everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler; always keep your design as simple as possible, as the design is not a place to show people you know some sophisticated scenarios.
  6. Build yourself a task list for each server and make sure that there is a junior engineer whom is reviewing your configuration against that list,
  7. Make sure all involved parties are aware about the whole picture and every step you are doing,
  8. Educate your service customers about what to expect during each step.
  9. ~ 80 % of any messaging project issues are from the network side; make sure to be in total sync with the network team before each and every project phase.

see you soon, Hany Donia