Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The Aspiring Microsoft Certified Master

You are an experienced, IT professional who has worked your way up to a senior level (e.g. senior consultant, architect, senior engineer). You are interested in obtaining one of Microsoft’s most advanced certifications: Microsoft Certified Master (MCM).  This certification will set you apart and distinguish you as one of the top experts in your field and make you more valuable to your company.  Not only do you understand how to deploy and manage the technology, but also its design.
  1. Have 5+ years of experience as a senior practicing IT Professional who successfully designs, builds, and troubleshoots IT environments using Microsoft server technologies.  Candidates for Career Factor may apply for any of these MCM programs:
    1. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
    2. Microsoft Lync Server 2010
    3. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
    4. Windows Server 2008 Active Directory  
  2. Must have completed the exam prerequisites for the appropriate MCM  program (available here: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/certification/master.aspx#tab2)
  3. Must submit the same application materials as for the MCM program application (you will not need to apply to the MCM program seperately)
    1. Applicant Resume / Curriculum Vitae
    2. One single page document describing a recent project in which you have been involved. This document should detail the project outline and goals, your role on the project, what you were responsible for delivering and any other information you feel best demonstrates your expertise. The focus of the document should be your contribution to the project, not simply a description of the project.
    3. One sanitized document you have authored demonstrating your deep knowledge of the products and technologies of the Program you are applying for. This document must be in English and must not contain sensitive customer details.
  4. Be able to travel to Redmond, WA for 3 weeks to attend the course
  5. While the course cost and housing will be gratis, the candidate must pay for airfare to and from Redmond, WA
Please note that due to the difficulty of this story arc, your application will be reviewed by the Microsoft Certified Master program as part of its normal candidate review process.

More Details:  http://borntolearn.mslearn.net/cf/default.aspx#The_Aspiring_Microsoft_Certified_Master

Friday, March 12, 2010

Exchange Server 2010 Help is now content complete

For the IT Pro’s or consultants who are seeking an endless knowledge source about exchange 2010, I wanted to share with you all that the Exchange Server 2010 Help is now content complete

You can download the CHM file from the following link click here please